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We automatically group your shipments by their status between origin and destination. You can “drill down” to details on a specific shipment by clicking on one of the statuses.

The Shipments channel also includes an alert feature that indicates the number of shipment that have arrived at destination over a specific number of days. The number of days can be customized per your requirements.

You can even download all your shipment data to a spreadsheet with the click of a button.

With our improved online tracking tool, your shipment statuses have never been more visible and complete. You get richer shipment data in a matter of seconds.

To eliminate cumbersome scrolling, shipment details are neatly organized and presented in 6 different tabs: Summary, Booking Details, Hazmat, Routing/Container Status, BL Details and Clearance. A click on any tab readily reveals relevant information. To ensure enhanced security, data accessibility is restricted to parties reflected on the Bill of Lading.

Added details include those on all relay ports, pick-up numbers, seal numbers, firms code, reefer settings, last train sightings and more. An alert feature brings your attention to any U.S. inbound-related issues such as Customs Clearance, Customs Holds and Cashier Clearance.
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